10 Video Games with the Best Facial Animations

A gripping facial animation is one of the main ingredients that can turn again from an average to being a masterpiece because there’s nothing more important than making it look so real that it’s almost uncanny, even though many game developers try to show their graphical talents by emulating muscle movements and human emotion, not all of them will know how to render them to appear realistic in today’s video we’re going to talk about 10 of the best and most prolific games that manage to master the art of facial animation.

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice does not only offer an intense and immersive gameplay, but it also excels when it comes to the quality of the character’s facial animations the madcap software the team developed can be used live on stage instantly rendering the various muscle contractions that can be seen on a human face, this is why Sen Uwe the game’s heroine looks as real as it gets her face displaying a wide array of moods and sentiments using multiple points of motion in order to perfectly transpose the human reactions onto the newly created characters face.

Infamous Second Son


Sucker Punch productions managed to transform Infamous Second Son into a highly esteemed game when it comes to the quality of the facial animations. One of the most important aspects was to properly portray emotion through motion capture and judging by the impressive results they really nailed it!

The Last of Us


Yet another video game with an emotional story to tell The Last of  Us places a great emphasis on the realism of its characters and to accomplish this resemblance to reality a perfectly rendered facial animation is exactly what was needed the sequel to the original game looks absolutely awesome from what we’ve seen from the trailer but as it wasn’t released yet we’ll have to give full credit to the first last of us.

Metal Gear Solid 5


Metal Gear Solid 5 is one of Hideo Kojima’s masterpieces the engaging gameplay and the detailed storyline of the game being perfectly complemented by the unequalled animations that reveal complex facial features. That are very realistic besides this awesome title, they have recently revealed the mind-blowing Death Stranding game that looks even more lifelike than Metal Gear Solid 5 so we’re definitely in for a treat sometime in the near future. 😉

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End


Naughty Dog the same studio that developed The Last of Us invested a lot more knowledge and energy and managed to bring facial animations to in Uncharted 4 for to a whole new level if in the previous game developed by them the characters faces had about ninety to a hundred bones the one from a thief’s end had no less than five hundred allowing for a way greater variety and accuracy when it comes to showing feelings and reactions.

Heavenly Swords


what is truly surprising is that heavenly swords animation still manages to keep up with other newer gaming titles the fact that it was released back in 2007 seems to be having no negative impact on the quality of its graphics this gaming title is still looking good after all of these years and it even surpasses other more recent games in terms of facial animation and this is something that can only make us respect its legacy even more.

The Order: 1886


Even though it kind of well flopped as an overall gaming title The order 1886 is still one of the best examples of masterful facial animation that is able to bring to life all of the essential features of the human face the characters have an organic feel about them making them so natural that they almost look like they’re alive oftentimes tricking our minds into thinking that we’re watching an actual movie with real actors and not playing a computer-generated video game.

Quantum Break


Using a photo realistic facial capture method to create the characters faces quantum break really broke all boundaries when it came to top-notch animation this science-fiction action adventure has been highly praised by its critics for its seamless computer-generated imagery the level of authenticity being so OnPoint it impressed even the most pretentious of players quantum break is one of those games that look so realistic it’s downright scary at times.

Beyond two souls


Beyond two souls is Quantic Dream’s latest game and even though it was released four years ago it can easily rival any other more recent title displaying high-end graphics and impressive motion capture techniques that perfectly render the facial features of the original actors Willem Dafoe and Ellen Page the high fidelity of the details is the main trait that can be observed when playing the game for the first time a trait that is considered ideal in order to achieve a deeper immersion.

Injustice 2


Injustice 2 is one of the most recent gaming titles that features such a compelling animation it’s hard to ignore its sophistication totally different from any other injustice titles where the faces don’t have many variations when it comes to showing feelings this installment offers a huge diversity of human emotion the differences are so poignant and injustice 2 is so hyper realistic it makes us admire how much video games have evolved in the last couple of years


This was our list of 10 video games that have great facial animations and we hope you’ve enjoyed reading our article.

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